Information about the USA

What to see in the United States for every tourist visiting here?

Of course, experienced travelers would mention the Statue of Liberty and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. However, there are many other interesting places in the United States that are sure to leave a lasting memory for tourists. We have prepared a brief overview describing the main attractions of the USA.

What to see in the United States first and foremost American landmarks are not only diverse and grand in scale but also located in different corners of the country. Both day trips in the USA and themed voyages, such as those exploring locations famous from Western movies, Native American territories, or the largest metropolises, are popular choices. Choose and travel with pleasure!

When people first find themselves in America, they aspire to see all the landmarks of the United States. One of the world's most famous symbols of the country, the Statue of Liberty, is located on a small island in the harbor of New York.

This majestic sculpture of a woman holding a torch up towards the sky has become the embodiment of American freedom. The crown on her head has seven rays, representing the seven continents and seven oceans (according to Western geographic tradition). In her other hand, she holds a tablet with the engraved date of the Declaration of Independence.

The monument was crafted by French artisans upon the request of the US government and transported to the island in separate parts. It was then assembled by Americans on the constructed pedestal. The Statue of Liberty is not only a symbol but also a functioning lighthouse in New York Harbor. The height of the statue, from the base to the tip of the torch, measures 93 meters. The figure is made of copper plates placed on a steel framework.

If you're wondering what to see in the United States, be sure to visit the Statue of Liberty. Inside the statue, there is the American Museum of Immigration, showcasing the country's historical journey, as well as a spiral staircase leading to the top, offering a panoramic view of the entire harbor. Tourists are conveniently transported to the island by ferry.

In Chinatown, a popular dwelling place for the Chinese diaspora, just a stone's throw away from the fashionable districts of the Big Apple, time slows down. Ethnic charm permeates everything in this place: traditional elements of Chinese architecture, red lanterns, signs written in hieroglyphics, bustling crowds of people from China, Vietnam, and other Far Eastern countries.

Grand Street and Canal Street attract tourists and locals with numerous bars and authentic Chinese cuisine restaurants. Here, you can also find shops and street stalls run by Asian immigrants selling souvenirs, knockoffs of world-famous high-fashion brands, and genuine Chinese products such as fish candies, spices, and bean noodles. The street fish market is a separate attraction altogether, where live snakes, turtles, and frogs are sold alongside familiar shrimp, mollusks, and fresh fish.

How to Take Beautiful Photos on Your Phone?

How to Take Beautiful Photos in USA on Your Phone

  • Nowadays, phone cameras have become much more advanced. By following a few rules, you can capture high-quality photos even if you have a basic Android smartphone.
  • Clean the lens. Sometimes, blurry photos are a result of a dirty lens. This is especially important for the front camera.
  • Pay attention to focus. Auto-focus on phones has improved now. However, during shooting, make sure your desired subject is in focus. On many smartphones, you can simply touch the screen where you want the focus to be. If the device can't focus, try stepping back a bit from the object you want to photograph. Additionally, most mobile devices have a portrait mode with background blur.
  • Consider the arrangement of objects in the frame. Think about how the desired elements should be positioned in the photo and what story you want to tell with your shot.
  • Pay attention to sunlight. It's important to consider the sun's position in the photo and ensure that no objects are overexposed due to it. Look at where shadows fall from objects or people and decide from which side it's best to take the photo.
  • Think about using flash. Most of the time, photos without flash tend to turn out better, even in low light conditions. However, there are situations where using flash makes sense, such as in daylight if the subject is in shadow or in darkness when taking a selfie.
  • Keep the phone steady. Although many smartphones have optical stabilization, it's still best to hold the device with two hands or place it on a surface while shooting. Another option is to use a flexible tripod for mobile phones.
  • Use night mode. This allows you to capture higher-quality photos by utilizing the smartphone's image processing capabilities.
  • Utilize all of the smartphone's lenses. Explore the capabilities of the other cameras on your phone besides the main one. Many devices now have a wide-angle lens, macro lens, etc. Knowing what your smartphone is capable of will help you achieve the best results.
  • Leverage photo editing apps. Apps like Google Photos, Apple Photos, Snapseed, Photoshop Express can assist you in quickly editing your photos in the desired way. For example, adjusting brightness, reducing contrast, etc.
  • Avoid taking photos within apps. If you want to take a picture to add it to Instagram, for instance, it's better not to use the in-app camera. The quality of such photos is generally worse since not all of the smartphone's features and functions are utilized, such as night mode, lens selection, etc. It's best to take the photo using the "Camera" app and then upload it to the desired platform.
  • Avoid shooting videos in portrait mode. Such videos are only suitable if you want to capture Stories on Instagram. In other cases, they will not look good on both smartphones and larger screens like monitors.