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They say that in the United States, you can find everything that exists anywhere else in the world. This is one of the reasons why Americans are not so well-versed in geography. They simply have no need to know much about other countries, as on their own territory, any desire or whim that comes to mind can be fulfilled. Winter sports, such as skiing, are no exception.

The United States is hardly the first country that comes to mind when thinking about skiing – Austria, Switzerland, or France are much more likely to be mentioned. Nevertheless, the U.S. can offer ski enthusiasts a considerable number of top-notch resorts that are in no way inferior to European ones.

Let's take a look at some of the most popular ones and present the current prices (January 2022) for ski lifts (amounts are specified for a one-day ticket) in the current season.

Jackson Hole (Wyoming)

This ski resort consistently ranks at the top of all ratings. The recently opened "Sweetwater Gondola" lift will cover the distance of 389 meters in just 7.5 minutes, taking you from the base of the mountain to the summit, where the excellent "Casper" restaurant is located. The lift has a capacity of 2000 people per hour.

Jackson Hole (Wyoming)

The resort has been open since December 17th of this year. An ideal stopping point is the "Terra" hotel. For dining, you can visit the "Spur" bar-restaurant, known for serving excellent burgers. Lift prices range from $99 per day at the beginning of the season to $164 during peak season.

Snowbird (Utah)

Translating to "snow bird," this resort has a memorable name that resonates with one of the types of snow sports - snowboarding. The resort is located in an extremely suitable area. Many long, continuously stretching, and steep slopes here are created by nature itself and only minimally groomed by human hands. Additionally, a large number of areas on the north side of the mountain ensure excellent snow quality. In addition to the main slopes, there are numerous secret trails leading to dangerous chutes and steep descents, known only to the locals. "Snowbird" is very popular among freeride enthusiasts.

Snowbird (Utah)

Accommodation is available at "The Cliff Lodge," one of the best mountain hotels. The lift prices range from $90 to $100, depending on the specific day. The resort operates annually from November 26th.

Alta Utah

A resort with a rich history, gaining popularity as far back as 1939 and known for its abundant snowfall. The quality of the infrastructure is among the best in the world. Lift prices are $60 for children and $106 for adults. The recommended hotel is the "Rustler Lodge." The resort has been open since December 2nd.

Vail Colorado

This destination has become the largest ski resort in the United States, thanks to a combination of successful marketing, stable weather, and well-groomed slopes. Staying at the "Sebastian" hotel, you can visit its famous bar, serving unforgettable "night" cocktails. Prices will vary depending on the day you choose to hit the slopes. For instance, heading to the resort on December 29th, you will pay $199 for lifts (adults) and $140 (children). The season kicks off on November 25th.

Aspen Colorado

While this ski resort may not be as popular in the United States as it was 30 years ago, it has maintained its high-quality infrastructure and boasts numerous excellent slopes. What sets Aspen apart is its relatively smaller crowds compared to other resorts of the same caliber, where the season can get overwhelmingly crowded. Prices for tickets are $112 for children and $169 for adults. The season begins on December 24th.

Alyeska Alaska

Alyeska is a one-of-a-kind ski resort where you can simultaneously enjoy skiing and contemplate the ocean. The resort is located in an area that astounds with its picturesque beauty, especially for first-time visitors. On weekdays, a lift ticket costs $70 for adults and $35 for children, while on weekends, it's $90 for adults and $47 for children, respectively. The season kicks off on November 24th.

Park City Utah

Park City spans nearly 3000 hectares of slopes, trails, and areas designed for all types of skiing. Moreover, it is one of the easiest resorts to reach – just a 35-minute bus ride from the SLC airport. You can stay at the "Treasure Mountain Inn." Lift prices are $149 for an adult ticket and $99 for a child's ticket. The resort starts its operations from November 26th.

Hunter Mountain

Hunter Mountain NY

Located in the heart of the Great Northern Catskills, Hunter Mountain is New York’s four-season resort for families, couples, and get-away-seekers alike. With terrain for all skiers and snowboarders, including an expansive learning area for beginners, cruisers for intermediates, and steeps and bumps with 1600 feet of vertical for the seasoned pro, Hunter Mountain upholds it’s reputation as the Tri-State’s “big mountain feel.”

Skiing and snowboarding are only a few activities for guests to enjoy. The surrounding community of Hunter Mountain offers a variety of winter activities as perfect substitutes to skiing and snowboarding. Enjoy a scenic skyride on the state-of-the-art lift that takes you to the 3200 foot summit of Hunter Mountain’s skiable terrain. Test your meddle on the Mid-Mountain Tour on North America’s longest and highest zip-line open year round!

There’s even snowtubing right at Hunter Mountain - perfect for the entire family! Also open all year is horseback riding at Bear Creek Landing with both English and Western riding.

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In this article, we've listed only a small portion of the ski resorts in the United States. Wishing you good weather and fluffy snow!

Ski resorts USA
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